I am so excited to share this part with you so here it is from my heart to yours! Life is not measured with length of time, life,death or even hearing from your loved ones in Heaven. It is about what you do with the time you have. The secret to life is, how we can live to give, to serve, and to be kind and tolerant. Recognizing Heavenís presence and love during rough and tough times is the way to resist not turning to despair and resentment.

Life is all about changes and it starts with you, the self. Your example will inspire others, as they will be inspired to set the example. Life is about love. God is love. His Angels on Earth, sometimes in human form, minister to our needs. ĎStrangersí are sometimes familiar people who give guidance at no cost when you are lost!

The light through the angels will give direction to turn back to God for those who have lost the way. Angelís grapevine will provide information and sometimes instructions to regain strength and courage. But the most important is faith. People witness happiness in many ways when sticking with Heavenly instructions.

To receive Heaven's gift is to pray for the intangible gifts of love, honor, respect, patience, courage, forgiveness, and belief. Prayer is Godís spiritual law and will lead you to strength and wisdom.

Thank you for your choice to let me be your guide to give you Heaven's light.

To Believe Is To See

I see myself as someone who undergoes mystical experiences and intuitively comprehends the truths that are beyond human understanding. I have the gift of prophecy and I am an advocate for spiritual truths. I am deeply aware of the powerful presence of the Divine Spirit. I offer a message of wholeness and healing, of harmony, peace and joy inducing a feeling of awe and wonder.

My world is a teaching world, whereby I pass on wisdom and knowledge about love and truth. I present choices to assist the person to go forward in life. I am not here to change the people or the world. My messages are always positive, to let people look forward. However, if there is an obstacle in front of you, "we" need to warn you. I say we, because it is heaven and me, nothing comes from I. Personally, I know nothing about you. The mystical explanation is, that I never know what I do know ahead of time or what I have to say. You never know what I do know. Messages that are delivered are a surprise for me as it is for you. As I speak, I listen!

Everyone on this earth has been given a gift from God. The gifts are all special and very different. When people try to describe me, I always get amused because after all, I am me! I respect and thank you for your courage in your introduction and explanation of me to others. It is you who will be blessed for helping others move on through their encounter.

I realized I had this gift, at age 11. It was Christmas, and I was getting ready for a family portrait. I was brushing my hair and could feel a presence beside of me. When I turned around, there was a transparent figure just standing there. It was a Chinese woman in full traditional dress. She was very small, and smiling at me with her hands in a prayerful position. I immediately fainted. I did not know who this was. My mother spoke with me and asked me what I had seen. Since my mother was also gifted, she got the picture of my great-grandmother that I had never seen, and I acknowledged it as the spirit who appeared to me. From that time forward, with my Motherís suggestion, I prayed to God to allow me to be a positive messenger to the people living and to only "hear" and not "see".

People who have passed are in Spirit and need to do earthly-work from Heaven. They need to have approval from God to be in touch with their loved ones. The people who are put on my path are Heavens-business; therefore, I cannot charge you and make you my business! Although my service is free of charge, as I donate my love and time, you will be Ďchargedí for the information provided, just not by me, but through Heaven, and you will be billed. The "bill" will consist in living the Spiritual Law of: Love, Honor, Respect, Patience, Courage, Forgiveness and Belief. It is lifeís simplicity. I always say, "live at least one of them". To Believe Is To See comes when you live the Spiritual Law!

My particular gift works because God has honored my request not to see, I only hear. I simply cannot handle spirit appearances. Your voice, your handshake or embrace is my frequency to tune in. It is like I know you, but I donít. It is like I know all your loved-ones in Heaven, but I donít. Within my mind, it is as if a teleprompter is passing in front of me. This can show the past, present and future. The mystical part of this service is that I never know what I am going to say, and I never know which of your loved ones will come to visit. It is always a surprise for you and me! I cannot ask your loved-ones in Heaven questions, but you can. I simply listen to what messages are being delivered to me. This information is provided to me through the angels from loved ones, with approval from Heaven. When you call to hear what you want to hear, I will tell you that you have "dialed" the wrong number.

I am not here to find the missing or the abducted. Other people have this mission. My mission is to find the missing you! Like your postal carrier service, I deliver your personal messages and function as the long-distance carrier for those who have crossed over. It is my mission to explain cause and effect and to let people know their mission. I am here to teach you how. I will never tell you what you have to do, but help you make changes to relieve hardship. Through self-realization and spirituality, combined with positive thinking and the power of prayer, you will be able to change your life. You will be able to understand life in a positive manner, and make it work for you.

It is important to let you know how to spend your Heaven doing good here on earth! At some point in time, with Godís approval, we need to let you know what you have prayed for. This will let you recognize, acknowledge and confirm and will help you with your mission to do "heavenly work here on earth". When stress, frustration, and depression take place, we must bring it to your attention that this is WHY we cannot let life pass you by!

I cannot be compared to all the other honorable, gifted people such as the psychics or mediums. My mission is different because I simply assist people to go forward, by giving them choices that are presented to me, I do this with Godís approval. People who have passed, and are in Spirit, are always anxious to Ďdo earthly work from Heaven,í again, all with Godís approval. It's so cool that children call me 'walkie talkie' for heaven.

A psychic is a person who is sensitive to the non-physical, supernatural forces and influences, marked by extraordinary perception or understanding.

A medium is a person through whom communications are sent between the earthly world and the world of the spirits. A medium communicates directly with those who have passed.

Each and every person who is gifted is different; therefore a comparison can never be made.

I can only tell you that from my perspective, To Believe is to See.

Love and Truth is the Key that will set you free

Prayer Guide To Give You Light

Our Prayers are all received in Heaven. Angels are pure spirits created by God; they have no freewill or opinion. They are Godís Heavenly messengers and can take human form. Sometimes messengers are put on our path to answer our Prayers. These messengers can be people you know or may be strangers. All we have to do is pray. With Godís approval through Angel's grapevine your answer will be delivered with the hope you will receive. We will pray and keep faith with you.

Await Godís miracles with the Power of Prayer.

Prayer for Love: Please Dear Lord let me Rise Above With Love
Prayer for Honor: Dear Lord shine your light upon my face teach me to Honor in many ways
Prayer for Respect: My God donít ever let me neglect Respect
Prayer for Patience: Dear Lord, let me turn to Faith and patiently wait, if not today then maybe tomorrow
Prayer for Courage: Dear God help me find the Courage to change the things I can
Prayer for Forgiveness: My God, Please forgive me, as I forgive myself and others so I can be Me
Prayer for Belief: I will Let Go and let God, I will let Your Voice be my Choice

The Spiritual Law

The Seven Elements of the Spiritual Law are the intangible gifts from Heaven and these are a checklist for life.

The Spiritual Law is:
Love, Honor, Respect, Patience, Courage, Forgiveness and Belief

Each element is simplicity and it starts with YOU. There are seven elements for seven days.
Why not try to live at least one of them?

The following is a very brief description of each element.

LOVE yourself first and then the world. Love and truth is the key that will set you free.

HONOR the gifts that God gave to you first, then others. When you honor yourself first, then you learn to honor and recognize others.

RESPECT yourself no matter what; YOU are special. Respect yourself first and then the world. Never neglect self-respect.

PATIENCE is the gift of time. If not today, then maybe tomorrow.

COURAGE is strength. Look at your strength, never your weakness.

FORGIVENESS is to forgive yourself first and then others. It is not what has been done to you but what you will do for others.

BELIEF in yourself brings Faith in what God has planned. Once you believe in a Higher Power miracles will begin to happen in your life.

To Believe Is To See

To practice Heavenís law, is to live one of the above. It will open up a door to Love. Practicing Heavenís law from the first to the last, will show you a positive change in your life real fast.

Angel Quotes To Brighten Your Day Along The Way

Let Go... Let God

Live In The Moment, Live In Today. Angels Around You All The Way!

Let God's Angels Help You,Turn To Faith And Fear Will Disappear

Rise Above With Angels Love

Prayers To God, Is To Let The Angels Help You To Look At Your Strength, Never The Weakness

Angels Are Here, There And Everywhere

Angels Come When You Pray, Angels Lead The Way

To Go On Angel Wings Is When You Believe, Achieve And Receive

God's Angels Carry Your Prayers Turn To Faith And Patiently Wait

When You Battle Your Inner Fight, Angels Will Give You Light

Whatever You Do Let God's Angels Help You Follow Through!

Angels Are There At No Cost, Help Find The Way When You Are Lost

How Many Angels Does It Take, To Help You Change Your Light Bulb?

Angel Joy Is Giggles And Laughter, To Live Happily Ever After